Dan’s Story A Father Celebrates One Year of Sobriety

I knew these days would come; so far, I haven’t let the devil in my head take control. The recovery of the whole family has been the greatest gift of my life. I experienced a peace that I had never known in my life or if I had experienced it before, I didn’t remember it. Living life on life’s terms and having to do everything sober for the first time was scary. Buddy T is an anonymous writer and founding member of the Online Al-Anon Outreach Committee with decades of experience writing about alcoholism. Cornerstone was the only place that made a difference. What we can guarantee is that residents who are willing to follow simple suggestions, be honest, and genuinely put in the rigorous effort required… Their lives will change for the better, dramatically in a lot of cases. While we all suffer from a common denominator – the disease of addiction and maladaptive coping mechanisms, many of us have walked different paths to arrive at the doorstep of recovery. Our clients work, attend school, or volunteer, and participate in Real Recovery’s community events.

What happens in the first week of not drinking alcohol?

Milder withdrawal symptoms include sweating, shakes, headaches, and nausea, and you might have problems eating or sleeping. You may also feel anxious, irritable or agitated. While these symptoms are bothersome and even unpleasant, you'll be able to manage most of them by yourself.

I’m a little over 5 months clean today, and I am so happy, and I feel so good. Physically, mentally, and spiritually “my cup runneth over”. I have a family who loves and supports me, and I’m surrounded by a wonderful of like-minded people in the Recovery community. I’m working my dream job training dogs, and I have a relationship with my higher power that I had forgotten existed. Zach had a great job, was making “killer” cash, and thought that because he had money, his drug use wasn’t a problem. He was spending $600/day on heroin & opioids for years. After a near-death experience, he got help. Read his inspirational story & learn what message he has to share with anyone struggling with addiction. I thought I had the experience to assist any of my children with all of life’s challenges. Trust me when I say you have no choice but to leave the challenge of substance abuse to the experts, the experts at Cornerstone.

Sobriety Stories: Brittany finally knows peace after years of despair

After destroying my kids’ lives and losing our home, car and my job, I became temporarily sober for periods of 6 months or so—never lasting more than a year on the wagon. These are just a few stories featuring people with money, fame, and success who recognized what they might lose without proper addiction treatment. I am currently a resident at Real Recovery in North Tampa. The apartments at the facility have all been remodeled and are like new. The property is really clean and I have access to all the amenities as well as a pool table, a workout gym, a library, a computer room, and an air hockey table. The staff is very helpful and supportive and the residents are all like one big Family. I’m glad I found this place and would not be where I am today had I not. Lastly, if you’re not looking for a better way of life this is probably not the place for you. Patrick battled addiction for several years in his 20s. It wasn’t until he was able to grasp on to hope that the program of recovery would work for him to have a better life.

  • And actually, it was that pain that caused me to be so willing to do anything for sobriety.
  • Drugs and alcohol had become my way to ease my mind a little, slow me down.
  • I’m five months sober and I’m also transitioning.
  • Maybe the most striking part of Patrick’s personality is his acute self-awareness.
  • To anyone out there struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, just know that you are not alone.

It made me feel powerful, like I was unstoppable. My alcoholism had progressed to the point in which I couldn’t get drunk anymore. The solution I had found to deal with life had failed me. I sobriety success stories had a miscarriage, I was so out of touch I didn’t even know that I was pregnant. My University asked me to leave and everything came to a halt. It was the catalyst that led me to surrender.

Dan’s Story – A Father Celebrates One Year of Sobriety

The second night, I began to have diarrhea with old, digested blood in it. The next morning I awoke with my heart racing, unable to get up off the floor, realizing that this was the end of the run. I clearly remember three distinct thoughts. Though we were married, I do not believe that we were ever really intimate. If we got into an argument, the resolution typically came after weeks of not speaking to each other.
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I blacked out often and am still missing large chunks of my timeline. How would I ever socialize without my beloved wine? How could I relax after work, without sipping my cocktail? In my pre-sober mind, alcohol and happiness were so tightly linked that their connection held me hostage. I believed that I absolutely needed to drink to be happy. It was precisely that strong association between booze and happiness that prevented me from exploring a life without alcohol. She saw the snow coming, went to church, cleaned the house, cooked her family’s meal, all while sipping her drinks.

She described it as embracing an old friend at first, but soon the old habits of her youth were revived and returned in full force. Jules’s story reminds us that we are all human. Most of us struggle to belong at some point, and we often seek the approval of others around us. Her story serves as a lesson that, while addiction can start early, it can still be overcome. What may Sober House have defined her as a young girl will no longer define who she is as a woman. Inspirational addiction stories like Jules’ help us realize that there is still hope for a bright future. She had to start from scratch, embracing the spiritual side of her journey. Today, Jules focuses on reclaiming her life, using her long-term sobriety to grow, help others, and seek her own truth.
sobriety success stories
Who would argue with the birth of a first grandchild? But the small ones ~ the little stuff ~ well they are the yeast. They fill my life and lift it to voluminous proportions. I simply have to take the time to notice. Winnie the Pooh and his friends speak to the happiness, greatness, and especially the enthusiasm that we come to appreciate through our acceptance of Statements 3, 6, and 11. What I love about Pooh, and the Hundred Acre Wood stories, is the childlike honesty they possess. There is no pretense except by Rabbit ~ but then, he represents adult behavior with all of its constraints. Eeyore, with his absolute lack of enthusiasm, is accepted by the others exactly as he is. I love that Tigger, as a newcomer and a troublemaker, is folded in with all of his faults and included as well. I have fond memories of reading Winnie the Pooh stories when I was young.

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I finally realized that even if I did manage to stay sober without making changes I was going to be a miserable human being. I knew I had to change my outlook on things sobriety success stories and reach out. I’m the youngest of four children, and I grew up in a loving household. I was the baby of the family and I was treated as such – with a lot of love.

I know that the time I spend each morning is an investment in my future. There’s no question that I will do this routine each day for the rest of my life. I can’t imagine going back to my drinking days! Drinking was a closed circuit loop; sobriety is a wide open field. ” This is what I was told when I accepted this job, and I now push myself to reach for it!

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